Trainers Need Training - Join Mike Today in "Education Through Engagement"


Be the GUIDE Your Child Needs!

The sooner you gain these skills, the sooner you help your child avoid poor and even dangerous choices with other kids.

Discover specific conversations and skills for helping your kids in moments that peer pressure can feel overwhelming, the situation can seem confusing, and when many children of all genders, identities, and sexual orientations often struggle.

Imagine 10 years from now, looking back at the choices your child made. You'll be proud of the lessons you shared that helped your child. You'll love how strong your relationship is with that child because of HOW you engaged in tough conversations. By actively participating in this monthly program, you'll be helping gain skills and strategies for creating that future today!

What You Can Expect to Experience

  • Thought-provoking and trustworthy discussions for caring Moms, Dads, and guardians of children. 
  • Learn from and be inspired by special guests and global thought leaders Mike will periodically have on.
  • Ask questions you want answered. Every webinar provides the opportunity for you to ask questions of Mike Domitrz and/or the special guests.
  • Engage, learn and share best practices with fellow parents and guardians who are dedicated to creating a culture of consent and respect for their kids.
  • Enhance your ability to impact your child by talking about consent, respect, healthy intimacy, and sexual violence — especially concerning breaking news occurring in society.
  • Use the technology that works best for you. Join the webinars via your phone, computer, or tablet.
  • 24/7 ACCESS to Recordings - Return to your webinar home page and review missed webinars or watch again for the ability to have even greater impact and influence.
  • LIVE 1-hour Webinars Every Month with Mike Domitrz — renowned trainer, speaker, author, and subject matter expert for Creating a Culture of Respect & Consent for all children and young adults.

Your Expert Host & Guide

Mike Domitrz, founder of The DATE SAFE Project, is a critically-acclaimed speaker, author, subject matter expert, and media resource who, for more than two decades, has been inspiring individuals with his passion and energy for creating a culture of respect and consent.

Each year, Mike conducts up to 250 trainings for tens of thousands around the world. You will be learning from an expert trainer whom school systems, universities, the US Military, corporations, and organizations — along with media outlets — turn to as their subject matter expert for teaching how to create a culture of respect and consent for your children.

When participating in Mike's online programs, you will quickly discover Mike holds nothing back. You are learning from someone who cares deeply about the safety of every child by providing each parent innovative and powerfully effective skill sets and strategies. People rave about what a lasting impact Mike has — both through his unique approach and how he leaves each person with specific skill sets they can implement immediately into their own lives. 

Join Mike in the monthly webinar series - ASK MIKE!

**IMPORTANT: Online webinars are for individual access only, not to be shared, and are not a license to present Mike Domitrz's programs.




1-Hour Webinar Each Month

Opportunity to Ask Questions

Learn from experts & fellow parents

BONUS: Get 24 hrs access to the award-winning video "HELP! My Teen Is Dating"




for 12 months

1-Hour Webinar Each Month

Opportunity to Ask Questions

Learn from experts & fellow parents

SAVE $100 by getting the entire year

Get 24 hrs access to the award-winning video "HELP! My Teen Is Dating"

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"ASK MIKE" plus "Education Through Engagement" online course



Includes all 12 months of "Ask Mike in PARENT HOUR" 

+ "Ask Mike" monthly calls for educators and trainers.


Get Full "Education Through Engagement" Online Course for Educators & Trainers

Over 18 video lessons lead by Mike Domitrz

Hands-on worksheets

with personalized support

12 Months of Access


"Being able to interact with Marines and sailors in a way that opened up their mind to different approaches to situations often seen in society was the best aspect of the presentation. "

Staff Sgt. Jared Stiles
Calibration Chief, Marine Base of Hawaii

"Mike Domitrz is the ultimate professional in the speaking industry. He cares deeply about helping each individual and does so by giving everything to everyone (he does not hold anything back). His combination of integrity, passion, and giving spirit are inspiring and the reason so many of us in the National Speakers Association continually seek him out."

Chad Hymas
Hall-of-Fame Speaker and Author of Best-Selling Book, Doing What Must Be Done

"Since you came I have not only heard discussions from my staff but also the students about consent and bystander intervention. Already this year students are coming forward quickly to hold their fellow students responsible for sexual harassment as well as other offenses. Survivors are coming forward and my staff is open and ready to care. The day after the event I saw your post-it notes all over the halls. One note on a door read simply ‘I’m here for you.’ It about broke my heart with joy. Thank you for what you do. "

Kate Flowers
Residence Life Southern Utah University (UT)

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